This material is a manmade product consisting of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive. Perhaps one of the largest benefits of quartz surfaces is that they are stain- and heat-resistant, making them easy to maintain. Quartz slabs are available in larger sizes with a variety of endless color options.



If you are a lover of the classic look Marble than you know nothing can take its place. The vein movement and softness of the stone is the most desired and far more superior than other stones. Compared to other natural stones like granite and quartzite, marble is a relatively soft stone and more porous – sealing is required.



Granite countertops are beautiful. These natural stone surfaces come in a wide range of colors and patterns, are extremely durable, and add a luxury “feel” to your home, while also improving resale value. Your options are nearly limitless. Slabs come in light granite, dark granite, and many shades in between. Granite’s natural veining is part of the unique beauty of the material.



Quartzite looks like a Marble acts like a Granite. Quartzite is a Natural Stone. This stone will give you the look of Marble with the durability of Granite. There is a wide spectrum of density and color ways in Quartzite, please keep this mind when making your selection.



These are custom-made countertops created from a single slab of stone. Homeowners can go to us and choose the exact piece of stone they want, and there is virtually an endless range of colors and textures available. Although these slabs are quite costly, no two are alike — you’re truly getting a completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art.



Edges like the t-edge offer clean lines and simple design to add subtle elegance in both modern or traditional kitchens. The bull nose and half bull nose edges round off your countertops with a timeless classic look. More ornate edges, like a waterfall treatment, beveled or chiseled options work well in traditional kitchens. Our fabrication technology easily allows you to customize your profiles.


Make your home or business’s bathroom or kitchen an enjoyable, balanced and beautiful place that you’ll never forget and of which you’ll feel satisfied and comfortable.

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